Catch some fish with us….

Imagine the excitement of luring in a giant fish!

Big Game Fishing in Zanzibar

Fishing is great all year round in Zanzibar! We catch barracuda, wahoo, king fish, and even giant travelli.

At certain times in the year we can catch Yellow Fin Tuna (July to November). Bill fish season (November to March). Blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin are regularly caught. Dorado’s are especially common around this time of year, although we do get them year round in smaller numbers. 

Most of the fishing is trawling from the boats with between two and seven lines but if you enjoy other kinds of fishing we can arrange them.

Fishing all year!

We are based at the northern tip of the island and this has allowed our clients to enjoy some of the worlds best deep sea fishing! There is a channel that runs between Zanzibar and Pemba that is well renowned for big game fishing.

Expect to catch Barracuda, Wahoo, Kingfish and Giant Travelli in the area all year round, and seasonal visits from many other species such as Marlin.